The ‘Special Issue Program’, launched by the 2017-2020 SILFS board, intends to promote the publication of excellent scientific research, by SILFS members, in high-level international and national journals. Through this program, SILFS offers its scientific sponsorship to special issues that comply with the international standards of scientific quality (peer-review), and focus on research topics consistent with the M-FIL/02 disciplinary sector (Logic, History of Science, Philosophy of Science).

SILFS’s scientific sponsorship is granted on the basis of the board’s examination and approval of special issue projects with these characteristics, and is expressed through the inclusion, in the selected special issues, of a sponsorship declaration.

The board invites the SILFS members interested in this program to send their special issue projects, through the attached form, to this email address giuseppe.sergioli@gmail.com

Should there be the need for support in the preparation of special issues, the board is available to offer it in the following terms:
1) support in the preparation of special issue proposals for high-level international and national scientific journals;
2) support in the peer-review processes involved in the preparation of these special issues.

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