SILFS – Italian Society for Logic and Philosophy of Science – provides training courses for preschool, primary and secondary school teachers on topics related to the design of educational paths to promote and enhance the acquisition of knowledge, skills and transversal competencies related to scientific reasoning and thinking.

The courses are taught by teachers with expertise in topics related to logic and philosophy of science and teachers with expertise in competence-based design. They are conducted in laboratory mode and take into account emerging technologies and strategies for teaching (including digital ones) including in special educational needs contexts.

SILFS courses are aimed: at

  • to faculty (minimum 12 participants) of individual Institutes: the course will be delivered at the location of the Institute itself, or
  • to interested individual faculty members from different Institutes (minimum 20 participants): in this case, the course will be implemented at a location geographically close to the faculty members.

The dates and times of the classes will be agreed with the group of participating teachers.

Costs and payment methods vary according to the mode of activation (see previous point).

  • If the course is provided for the faculty of an individual institute, the institute itself will be required to pay a contribution of €1000.00.
  • If the course is provided for individual faculty, each faculty member will be required to pay a contribution of €70.00. Prices may vary.
  • Some courses are free of charge.