Foto Bianchini

Francesco Bianchini

Council member

Francesco Bianchini serves as an associate professor of Logic and Philosophy of Science at the University of Bologna, where he is deeply engaged in the interdisciplinary fields of artificial intelligence, cognitive science, robotics, and the philosophy of science. His research aim at bridging the gap between various scientific disciplines—from the artificial sciences to biology—and the humanities, highlighting the mutual influences and intersections that promote enriched academic and research perspectives. With a particular focus on the epistemology of mind studies, Bianchini’s work encompasses theoretical, ethical, and historical analyses of artificial intelligence, alongside simulative cognitive modeling, especially within biologically inspired cognitive architectures. His keen interest extends to inductive reasoning, notably analogy and the application of models in scientific explanation. He is the scientific coordinator of the Knowledge and Cognition Research Center at the University of Bologna and has contributed numerous articles to both national and international  journals and volumes in the fields of philosophy of science, cognitive science, artificial intelligence, and beyond.