CLMPS 2015 affiliated meeting: “Proof theory of modal and non-classical logics”

CLMPS 2015 affiliated meeting

Proof theory of modal and non-classical logics

promoted by Giovanna Corsi and Sara Negri under the auspices of SILFS (Italian Society for Logic and Philosophy of Science)

The affiliated meeting took place on Friday the 7th of August 2015. It was very well received, and because of the large number of people attending it we had to move to the auditorium!

It has been suggested that this should be the first of a series of meetings on “Proof theory of modal and non-classical logics”.

See below for photos of speakers, and titles and abstracts of the talks that were presented.



arnon avronfrancesco genco


rosalie iemhoffhidenori kurokawa











naibo maffeziolisara negri












nicola olivettieugenio orlandelli












alessandra palmigiano