membership subscription for societies in partnership with SILFS (e.g. SISFA)


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membership subscription for members of other scientific societies in partnership with SILFS (e.g. SISFA)

Click the *ACQUISTA* button below. A red button will appear next to the shopping cart to the right hand corner. Move the mouse on the cart (do not click on it) and then a menu will pop up with two options: *Vedi il carrello* and *Cassa*. Click on *Cassa*. Write down i *Dettagli di fatturazione* with the address of the Institution you belong to. Fill in the form which will appear, and insert “4th Postgraduate SILFS” in the “Informazioni aggiuntive – Note sull’ordine” field.

At the bottom of the page tick *UniCredit* and then click on *Effettua Ordine*. Then *Paga con UniCredit*. A receipt will be sent to your email address.

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